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Excellente application

iOS 10 problemi

Dopo,aggiornamento a IOS 10 la app non si apre più. Risolvete il problema. Grazie. Darò 5 stelle quando Risolveranno il problema. CORREZIONE. Dopo avere contattato il servizio clienti , ho ricevuto istruzioni per risolvere il mio problema. Grazie allo staff. After upgrading to IOS 10 the app does not works anymore. Solve the problem. Thank you. I will give 5 stars when it will solve the problem. CORRECTION. After contacting the customer service, I have been instructed to solve my problem. Thanks to the staff.

Amazing Tool!

This is an amazing tool. Not just for my own reference. I have used this app many times to show my massage clients why they are having issues. I have also used it when teaching massage students. Needless to say I waived my no cell phones in class rule while they downloaded the app.

Latest version is a step backwards

Great app, but the latest version upgrade has removed the option to view "full musculature" Now it is possible only to view one part of the body at a time.


Visible body review: What really killed it for me that all the app do not allow to text to be selected in the app. This option, which really should be a standard, will help me create my own notecards for school. Because it lacks this basic option, this app is not useful to me.

Great app! One usability issue in latest version

I have been having longstanding problems with back and neck pain, and have found Muscle Premium a really useful way to understand my body better, using the wonderful 3-D interactive touchscreen UI. One usability issue in the current release (5); the older version had a menu item called "full musculature" which showed you all the muscles of the entire body at once. That feature still exists in the current version, but is hard to find. The user has to select any specific muscle, then click on the ">" in the top left hand corner of the screen. This will open a drop-down menu, with the first item being "Muscular System". Click there, and you can see the whole body again.

Not intuitive . Lots of info.

Plenty of info but more difficult to navigate than Essential Anatomy 5 and does not allow 1) layering of muscles at a touch 2) when trying to get details on a muscle I tapped "nerves" and blood vessels appeared if anything at all.

Not a timesaver, many issues

I bought the bundle to save me time from searching the internet and textbooks. Unfortunately it hasnt saved me any time. Here is the multiple issues: 1) atlas doesnt work at all, crashes every time 2) if I switch between the apps or the internet the app restarts, so not only do I have to wait for it to reload I also then have to navigate back to where I was. 3) some parts are missing, the most obvious was on the lumbar vertebrae 4) you cant search in the skeleton app, ex: adductor tubercle, if I dont know which bone its on Im out of luck, have to do an internet search first 5) muscles app, the layers do not always show properly so I have to turn the layer off and then turn it back on again, which re-adds all the muscles and I then have to navigate back again

One of the best apps for anatomy

Love this app! Make sure that you sign up for their newsletter! Great info on app and newsletter.

Best app for anatomy

This app is the best I have ever used. It turns 360 degrees and many videos of how the muscles move. An example is all the jaw muscles that are involved in opening the jaw and able to turn the skull upside down to look into the cavity. Fabulous!


3-D anatomy at its best! Look at each muscle, muscle group, bone, joint, and articulation from any and all angles. App works flawlessly and is wonderfully comprehensive. Fantastic learning tool. I love this app!

Not iPad pro friendly

Doesnt support split screen! The main reason I bought an iPad pro was to be able to multitask in class or while doing homework. Unfortunately this app and the skeleton app were the two I most needed to multitask with... And neither support it.

Not what I thought it would be

I thought this would demonstrate muscles in movement but it doesnt. Im very disappointed in it. Waste of money.

Does Everything I Need it to Do

Great app. Simple, logical, elegant user interface. Beautiful images. Awesome tool for my practice.


Good info but constant crashing. Impossible to study with.

Tremendously helpful

Ive had this app for years, and I use it on my iPhone and iPad. It has always worked perfectly, Ive never had a problem with it. I have a few anatomy apps, this is my favorite and most useful.

Great muscle app

If youre in college or have a career such as physical therapist or personal trainer you will find this app extremely valuable!


The thing I like most about the app are the quizzes. This is the way I learn best. To read the material and test my knowledge with questions. I would Like the app to have more quizzes and I way to - after answering, easily click on the reason why your answer is right or wrong - while remaining in the quiz.

No pronunciations in other languages

Being that I live in French Polynesia, the entire reason i bought this app was to learn these materials in French. It says its in all the languages but it is not. 20$ not well spent.


Helps doctors to truly understand topography and makes it easier for the patients to understand what is going on with their bodies! It can always get even better but I highly recommend it!!!

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